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Generators and Mini-Splits

Generators- Generac

Protect your family during outages, and keep the power going

Home, family, and assets are the things that matter most in life, keep those three components protected with our generator installation and repair services. Generators are the viable source to ensuring the necessities of the home are available when the power goes out.

Mini Splits

Powered by Fujitsu…

With the new technology of Mini-Split systems, Frost Heating and Air Conditioning LLC is able to offer a solution to those hot or cold rooms in which the temperature just doesn’t seem right. This innovative design offers a ductless mini split heating system and mini split air conditioner system that can heat or cool a room to your liking, with an easy to use temperature controlling remote. These energy efficient systems use a sophisticated electronic control system to automatically adjust the fan speed for precise temperature control. Constantly monitoring room temperatures, the mini split system will detect fluctuations and adjust accordingly for ultimate comfort.